T.C. for Mayor

I’ve previously expressed my adoration of Tom Colletta, and even when I think he should be tougher on a guest, I always try to watch What It’s Worth

First, because I love TC’s fashion sense.  Second, he seems to have every single one of my verbal tics (every time he says, “I said to my wife”, I just think — five references to a spouse in under a minute, that’s exactly how I sound in every single conversation of my life!).  And, third, because he is so positive about the City of Worcester.

The beginning of his interview with Mike Perotto is a perfect example of TC’s ability to combine about five things he likes into one great rant:

I’m a little ticked off and you know me, I’ve got to air it out every once in a while here.

A couple of weeks ago in Worcester – everyone knows how I follow sports and I love sports – UConn girls’ baskeball team – national champs, they’re the best in the world, and they played Holy Cross girls at the DCU Center.  Now, I play in a band on weekends, I couldn’t make it, it was a Friday night and so I couldn’t go.  But there was no doubt that I was going to try to get down there to the bench.  This is the Best Girls’ Basketball Team In The World.

So the next day I went to see the score, and I noticed they killed Holy Cross, which is the level they play on.  OK, they won like 87 to 34, but I saw the attendance, it was 2,400 people.  That’s a disgrace.  … I was afraid I couldn’t get tickets.  I told my wife, “Try and get tickets.”  And then I  said I wouldn’t have enough time to get to the job and play in my band, so I said forget it.  Two Thousand Four Hundred people for the best girls’ basketball team come to Worcester.

You know I get ticked off at you people because you’re always ticked off at our politicians, “Oh, they should do this.”  There’s only so much they can do.  You bring things like this to Worcester, the Hanover, Mechanics Hall, we got the greatest art museum in the world, all these colleges, and you don’t leave your house.

 You don’t leave your house.  You complain there’s nothing to do, there’s nothing with this.

There’s only so much that people in City Hall and our reps and whatever, congressmen, can do if we don’t do something. 

So before we start the show tonight, get off your you-know-what, spend a little money – I know the economy’s bad, but you can go see the greatest women’s basketball team in the world.  They were here in Worcester a couple weeks ago, and no one went to the game. 

So don’t complain we don’t have top-level entertainment in this city.  We do, we’re just not going out, ok?

3 thoughts on “T.C. for Mayor

  1. worcestergadfly says:

    Mayor? No, thanks.

    • Nicole says:

      You know me well! Too bad I don’t believe in FB!

      (This is one of those marital in-jokes. I used to watch a lot of Magnum, PI, and he thought I was watching it for Tom Selleck. Au contraire, it’s all about TC for me!)

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