The Mire of Midland (or Newton Square Nuisance)

Just a stone’s throw from my alma mater, the flow of underground sewage takes a trip to the surface & through this temporary pumping station:There’s a definite fragrance in the air at this site, reminiscent of what you’ll smell on a short stretch of Route 20 in Millbury.

Access to Midland St. from Newton Avenue has also been blocked lately:

This is all part of a project that started months ago which Jeff has written about, and which has created havoc all along a very busy thoroughfare.

One assumes that this project is meant to move human waste from the West Side more efficiently.  Let’s hope that none of it winds up in Boston or swirls underground for a couple of years to make its way to downtown Worcester.

For those of you who have your party’s primary elections today, best wishes . . . and try to avoid Pleasant Street if at all possible.  Pleasant is quite unpleasant these days.

(Note: we took these pictures last week, but I would be interested in some more recent pictures of the Newton Square project.)

3 thoughts on “The Mire of Midland (or Newton Square Nuisance)

  1. Tracy says:

    I would, but I’m usually driving when I go through Newton Square, and I’ve been forbidden to take photos while going through Newton Square and driving since two election seasons ago.

  2. Sean says:

    Your wish, my blog post.

  3. Tracy says:

    Nice one, Sean. As I once again am not able to comment on your blog again (I’m sure it’s my computer…grrr…), I wondered: Did you risk your life to do this? Also, anyone else catch the Bump campaign signs on the fence there?

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