Converted Organics, TerraSphere, and Pam Anderson

This post will not matter (nor make sense) to you if you are not one of the three people on the planet who cares about these companies.  Feel free to ignore it if you don’t already care.  (If you don’t care by now, trust me, you don’t want to.)

This very random post is dedicated to an anonymous friend-of-the-blog.  (I was going to refer to him as “acquaintance-of-the-blog”, but I think we don’t need to be that nitpicky.  Let’s move right to friendship.)

Anyway, this f-o-t-b and I were discussing TerraSphere the other day, and I mentioned that Pam Anderson had just signed on as a supporter of TerraSphere.

Anonymous gentleman: You mean Baywatch Pam Anderson?

Me: Yes.

Now, I didn’t want to mention this guy’s name, because this is a great example of how men should not talk about a Playboy Playmate of the Millenium.  Let me demonstrate a similar discussion I had with my future husband more than ten years ago:

Me:  blah blah blah Pamela Anderson.

Future Husband: Who’s that?

Me: You know, Baywatch.  [Hands move to indicate certain areas of surgical enhancement.]

F. H.: What’s Baywatch?  [This is actually legitimate; he has a much better knowledge of pop culture now that we are married, but before he had no clue.] 

F. H.: Is she blonde?

Me: Yes.

F. H.: Oh, wait, I might know who you’re talking about.  [Translation: he prefers brunettes.]

And that’s how you do it, gentlemen!

Where was I…oh, yeah…so Pam Anderson is officially a fan of TerraSphere.

PS in case Pam Anderson finds my blog — I am actually a huge fan (i.e., my sister and I have watched every episode of VIP).

Bill had discussed Converted Organics’ (COIN)  falling stock prices and NASDAQ-y issues and PharmaSphere’s medical marijuana plans; I don’t think I have anything to add to those news items.

The vote on COIN acquiring TerraSphere will happen on September 16.  (Here’s a video of Ed Gildea discussing the acquision.  I should note here that Mediasphere is the single best name for a company ever.) 

Also, to prove that I may or may not be a conspiracy theorist, from the SEC filing for the acquisition:

COIN’s Chief Executive Officer, Edward J. Gildea, is a member of TerraSphere, owning 8.75% of the outstanding Units. Furthermore, Mark C. Gildea, the brother of Edward J. Gildea, is an employee of TerraSphere, and William A. Gildea, also the brother of Edward J. Gildea, is an independent contractor of TerraSphere. COIN’s board of directors formed a special committee of disinterested directors to evaluate and negotiate the proposed TerraSphere acquisition because of Mr. Gildea’s interest in TerraSphere. The special committee obtained valuation advice and a fairness opinion from an independent investment bank, and negotiated the terms of the TerraSphere acquisition with TerraSphere management. Mr. Edward Gildea did not participate in the negotiations. The special committee unanimously determined that the terms of the TerraSphere acquisition are advisable, fair to, and in the best interests of COIN’s stockholders. Upon the special committee’s unanimous recommendation, our board of directors then unanimously determined that the terms of the TerraSphere acquisition are advisable, fair to, and in the best interests of, COIN’s stockholders.

But, hey, their lettuce is edible!

Beware of Auburn’s running boys and projectile girls

There may be some deeper life lessons to be learned from these cautionary signs in Auburn.

Here’s my take:

1. Boys in Auburn run really fast near busy roadways.  They’re probably chasing girls.

2. Girls in Auburn really, really REALLY want to escape and will launch themselves toward the open windows of your car as you drive past.

3. Auburn boys need to keep a firm grasp on their womenfolk to keep them from trying to flee town.