Wormtown Fleet – Week 2

Since Wormtown Fleet has been successful beyond my wildest imaginings, I’ve decided to spin it off into a second week.  So, this link will accept new contributions through Friday the 3rd; after that, please use this link to contribute & view the second week’s offerings.

(You can continue to use the first week’s link to access all the contributions.)

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed and commented. 

Special thanks to Dee for coming up with the name for our group, and Lee for putting together the logo!

2 thoughts on “Wormtown Fleet – Week 2

  1. Jeff Barnard says:

    I hope that more and more bloggers in the Worcester area will see how easy it is to get into this posting pictures of what they see each day. What may seem mundane to you, only because you see it every day, will always be interesting to people who would otherwise never see it at all.

  2. Jim Gonyea says:

    I thik images will now be a permanent part of my blogging. And naturally the Wormtown Fleet logo will appear anytime I have a post based on pictures I take in my travels.

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