Some Worcester Mentions

I only read the Boston Globe for the Worcester news.

First, Cambridge wasn’t aware that the Lt. Governor wants some (if not half) of the commuter trains from Worcester to go to North Station.

Second, it seems like all Charlie Pierce does in The Most Annoying Column Of All Time (seriously, the telegram.commenters should quit ragging on Clive and pick on Charlie one Sunday a month) is name check Worcester.

Third, there was this great statement about our fair city:

Speaking of [Samuel] Fuller, he was born in Worcester. Isn’t it time someone wrote a study of that city’s disproportionate contribution to American culture? Poets especially have flourished there. Charles Olson, Stanley Kunitz, and Elizabeth Bishop were born in Worcester, and Frank O’Hara grew up there. O’Hara, the author of “Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed!),’’ was one of American literature’s foremost movie fans. “Only [Walt] Whitman and [Hart] Crane and [William Carlos] Williams, of the American [poets],’’ he once wrote, “are better than the movies.’’ Cinematically, Bishop offers a bit of balance to O’Hara. In her great poem “Invitation to Marianne Moore,’’ there’s a reference to “the malignant movies.’’ Presumably, she wasn’t a Fuller fan. “The Steel Helmet’’? “Shock Corridor’’? Don’t think so.

And, finally, via frequent commenter t-traveler, this quote, about patio chairs being stolen in Boston:

DeFanza’s lunch partner, Isabella Ciolfi, 19, sat with bare feet, curled up in her chair, and thought about what would happen to moveable chairs in a park in her hometown. “I mean in Worcester they would just disappear,’’ Ciolfi said.

(That quote actually ticks me off, because — obviously — in Boston they actually “just disappeared.”)

PS — Not from the Globe, but well worth your attention, is this piece of dog-ordinance-related ephemera from Worcester.

One thought on “Some Worcester Mentions

  1. Tracy says:

    WPS used to do Worcester history. I’m assuming that went out when the state frameworks came in.

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