Is that a smile I see?

Note: I have no opinion on the Sheriff’s Race, except, as you will see, a sartorial one.

Remember how the old Scot Bove ads on the telegram website looked rather…severe? 

I think he was using a picture similar to this:

Except it seemed grumpier.

In the latest ad, he’s ditched the uniform, and put on…a half smile!

 I totally get the difficulty of creating ads for a sheriff’s candidate.  You don’t want to appear too happy, because — hey! — this is a serious job.  Originally, Bove’s team obviously wanted to highlight his law enforcement background, so they used a picture of him in uniform.

I’m not sure why the half-smiling, vaguely passport-style photo works a lot better; perhaps it’s just a more comfortable-looking shot.

Perhaps this also brings Bove a little closer to the pictures that Tom Foley and Lew Evangelidis have on their website.  Those two candidates are wearing suits, not uniforms, though neither of Foley nor Evangelidis is currently in law enforcement.

What about the independent candidate, Keith Nicholas?  I like that his website addresses the other candidates’ stances on issues and his take on them (really, read his take on Evangelidis’ statements about illegal immigrants; unfortunately, you’ll have to scroll for both), and goodness knows I can’t resist statements like “I am not a flamboyant politician that is merely spilling words that people want to hear. I believe in facts, reality and truth.”

But this picture has got to go:

Not the handcuff lapel pin…that definitely works.  But everything else — the severe hairdo, the red shirt with coordinating (?) shiny pink tie — screams “I’m running for Sheriff of Las Vegas circa Mad Men“, not “I’m running for Sheriff of Worcester County in 2010.”

Nicholas is at least as active on Twitter and Facebook than many of the other candidates (Evangelidis on FB gives him a run for his money; Foley on FB; Bove on Twitter and FB) and almost has as many followers on FB as does Bove (which kind of surprises me).  But he still needs to buy a white shirt.

I have to give Evangelidis credit for taking a stereotype and running with it, though.  He’s the only candidate I see who has a picture with a baby:

Now there’s guts!

3 thoughts on “Is that a smile I see?

  1. t-traveler says:

    I thought the Scot-in-uniform ad was a trap to embarass any opposition who objected to the uniform as using public resources in a campaign. Then Scot would hold a press conference to display the uniform rental bill from a costume company. Maybe I have too much time on my hands.

    • Nicole says:

      There’s something to that theory, but this campaign has been kind of mellow.

      Except that I see Evangelidis everywhere I drive. Maybe it’s just because he’s so tall.

  2. Thanks Nicole! I took your advice and the picture “went”!

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