PharmaSphere, Part 351

(To recap for those who aren’t as obsessed as I am, PharmaSphere has gotten mucho money and tax breaks from the city, state, and feds for a business that may or may not happen at the South Worcester Industrial Park.)

I really have no idea what the difference between PharmaSphere and TerraSphere is.  According to this article, “PharmaSphere has said it will license its growing technology from a Canadian company, TerraSphere Systems, LLC — which is actually PharmaSphere’s sister company, sharing offices in Boston, and run by William Gildea, the son of Darlington’s late partner in the lobbying firm Gildea-Darlington Group LLC.”

Anyhow, TerraSphere, the sister company/licensor of technology of PharmaSphere, is being acquired by Converted Organics.  What this may or may not mean for PharmaSphere is anyone’s guess.  (And it might mean nothing.  I just need to justify my GoogleAlerts with an occasional post.)

One thought on “PharmaSphere, Part 351

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