CWW: Things I Find in the Woods

I haven’t done  a Cheap Worcester Wednesday in a while.  Not so much because cheapness doesn’t abound in Worcester…but I invariably forget what day of the week it is and around 9:30am on a Thursday I think of something cheap…and then feel like I can’t post for another six days, at which point I forget whatever it is I was going to post.

A couple of weeks ago, we were in God’s Acre and there was a cat carrier in decent shape along the side of the road.  So, frequent commenter (and person-who’s-not-scared-to-meet-me-alone-in-the-woods) Bob was kind enough to put it in the back of his car and drive me home.  Whereupon I showed it to my husband, who said, “We already have a cat carrier.”

Which is really beside the point, don’t you think? 

So, we’ve got a cat carrier in good working order that was fished out of the woods.  If you want or need one, or if you’d like something you can bring home so that your spouse/mother/second cousin, too, can say, “Why exactly did you get something we already own?”, leave a comment and I’ll get it to you.

Random Thoughts from the Council Meeting

It’s been a while since I attended a Council meeting in person, and I came without a laptop, because sometimes it’s interesting to just watch the subtle interactions between councilors.

For instance, I love that Konnie Lukes is perpetually talking in Rick Rushton’s ear, and I always wonder what she’s saying.  I believe last night, it was something like this:

“Listen, Rick, I’ve got to be the lone dissenter, because that’s why people come out in droves to vote for me.  Can you obliquely insult me in such a way that it will simultaneously appeal to those who continue to support me and identify the one characteristic everyone who dislikes me latches onto?”

Mission accomplished.


We all learned an important lesson from Joff Smith.  In his continuing quest for valet parking (10:04 mark), he noted that a loooong time ago (i.e., before Clancy was on the Council) there was a sign designating an area of Commercial Street as a passenger zone.  He requested that it come back up.  Note that this request took four minutes.

Councilor Clancy, sensing that I wanted to go home, moved to hold this under privilege.  Joff said that since it had already been there, he was just asking for signs to be re-installed.

The decision was that Clancy could hold it under privilege, because Joff had brought it before the Council.  Had Joff called DPW directly, it likely would have been taken care of, and not been held for nearly a month.

Sometimes that’s the price you have to pay for grandstanding.


In other news, MikeGermain muttered something like, “Well, this is going to be controversial,” before requesting that Green Hill Parkway be made two-way.  The person next to me said, “That’s why we love you, Mike!” to make me feel better about my fondness for Germain.  (I will leave that person nameless in case that comment was really just to make me feel a little less alone.)

While we all find the self-deprecating charm that Germain brings to the Council Chambers refreshing (especially after listening to four minutes of Joff Smith), but there’s no need to be apologetic about bringing forward a constituent request.  Though we can certainly understand a touch of trepidation after sitting next to someone who just got a Clancy smackdown.


Finally, a note in my extremely limited official capacity.

It was mentioned that Robert Goddard is still in Worcester — at Hope Cemetery, in fact.

The Friends of Hope Cemetery put together a wonderful self-guided tour of the cemetery; Goddard, along with many other significant people buried in Hope Cemetery, is listed.