This-n-That, Opiate Edition

In my continuing bid to win the “Most Informative Opioid-Related Blogger” award in Best of Worcester 2011, there’s an interesting interview with some of the members of the Worcester Cares Opiate Coalition on WCCA.  The big message is to not be afraid to call 911 if someone is overdosing.  There was also a discussion of a 911 Good Samaritan Law being proposed in the Mass State Legislature (see this link, though the links are wacky and it might not work).


Friends of the East Side Trail might be pleased to read about a proposal to buy land that would complete the trail.


 Because I really can’t make this stuff up, here’s an actual conversation from my car:

Nicole: “There’s going to be a new Hawaii Five-O.”

Husband: “Yeah, I know.  Are they going to use the same theme song?”

Nicole: “How could they not?  No one can write a good theme song these days, so they’ve got to recycle all the old ones.  I wonder who’s going to use Rockford Files?”

Husband: “And what about Buck Rogers?”

Nicole: “I don’t even remember the Buck Rogers theme song…”

Husband: [demonstrates that he knows the lyrics to the Buck Rogers theme song.  Raise your hand if you didn’t know the Buck Rogers theme song had words.  Yeah, me neither.]

Husband: “When are you going to admit your crush on Gil Gerard to your readers?”

Nicole, with a sigh:  “Admitting a crush on Gil Gerard is like telling everyone I get a reaction when a mosquito bites me.  It’s just part of the human condition.”

(Though I would like to note at this point that I do not, nor have I ever had, a crush on Gil Gerard.  I only watched that show for Twiki.)