Handwriting Analysis

First of all, kudos to the telegram web dudes and dudettes for posting the .pdfs of the councilor’s evaluations of the City Manager.  (I would like it to be known that I’m trying to do anything to get your attention.  If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to start declaring how I have the hots for Sid McKeen.  And no one wants to see that.)

Regular readers of this blog know which councilor’s review I wanted to read first.  (.pdf here)  Five handwritten pages.  Written on the plane ride back from Orlando?  (Seriously, though…doesn’t that look exactly how you’d imagine MikeGermain’s handwriting would look?)

Now, there are a few other (visually) interesting evaluations.  Kate Toomey’s has the city seal as the background; Bill Eddy uses his own (city councilor) letterhead, as does the mayor.

But one other councilor decided to handwrite his evaluation…Phil Palmieri. (I was going to say “Germain arch-rival, Phil Palmieri”, but you could assign that sobriquet to pretty much anyone on the Council.)

Phil’s got a neater hand, and he writes on lined paper; Germain writes the same way I do when unlined paper finds its way under my hand: a touch slanted.

But Phil’s evaluation is inexplicably upside-down.  A serious political comment?  A simple lack of manipulation on the .pdf?  We may never know…

Update, 8:09am: In my continuing bid to be the campaign manager for whomever runs against Bill Eddy, I’d like to note the following passage in his evaluation, emphasis added by me:

in district a key issue for future years will be to ensure that today’s celebration of an Airport sale carries forward to a promised partnership between Mass Port and the residents of Tatnuck and West Tatnuck.

There are plenty of residents in District 5 who are affected by the Airport sale who do not live in either Tatnuck or West Tatnuck.  In fact, some of them might be residents whose homes or parkland could be taken in the event of an access road from the Airport to I-290t.  The honorable gentleman from District 5 would do well to remember that his District extends to parts south of the Airport as well as north.  And that those in Tatnuck are not nearly as affected by this as those who live on, say, Grandview Avenue.

9 thoughts on “Handwriting Analysis

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow. That’s amazing.
    Meanwhile, ours all got converted in the School Committee clerk’s office into one standard font (we all, except the mayor, submitted them electronically ahead of time). I use serifs.
    Wait, you mean Airport Hill has another side? 😉

  2. t-traveler says:

    Loan authorizations for renovation of Spillane baseball diamond, Logan field and bennett Field on the council calendar for Tuesday. Why are we borrrowing money when MassPort proceeds were to fund the projects? Why were these projects chosen over schools or Mill St/Coes Pond revival?

    • Nicole says:

      Good points all, and I was wondering that myself. I wonder if part of the money for Crompton Park will go to anything but the pool.

      I’ve been tempted to do a City Council agenda highlights post once a week, as used to be done on Pie and Coffee.

      (I am debating whether or not to attend the Council meeting on Tuesday, but I’ll — hopefully — be attending the library board on Monday night for the head librarian interview thing, so it’s still up in the air.)

    • Tracy says:

      T, I wonder if we have to borrow the money to start it, and then repay it with airport funds?

    • Nicole says:

      This T&G article explains things a bit more in detail. (“The $1.85 million for parks improvements and open space acquisition includes $750,000 in proceeds from the transfer of the airport to support upgrades to Logan Field, Bennett Field and Spillane Field.”)

      Though I find “$550,000 to rehabilitate and prepare space in Union Station for potential new tenants” a bit over the top.

      • t-traveler says:

        are there any plans for the fields? why does the money need to be borrowed now? when will work commence? how often will logan field get rehabbed in my lifetime?

  3. Cara says:

    I am astounded that the City Council doesn’t use the same process as the School Committee. I mean really, my middle school students aren’t allowed to handwrite reports, but our City Councilors can? That’s ridiculous. I mean, unless they’re making some sort of statement about the digital divide? But I digress.

    • Nicole says:

      When Mike Germain spoke (or perhaps this was another time, but it was definitely Germain speaking), he said that he’d given the City Manager a 3, and that from his experience at his former employer, that was considered a good score. (I know from my own experience that my current employer told my coworkers and myself that 5s really were reserved for excellence.)

      What I thought was odd about the evaluation process, and which I might actually think about next year when they discuss this process, is that, unlike the Superintendent’s evaluation, there are no specific goals and objectives, so you get a sheet that looks like this, which is more like an outline of operations. What should our bond rating be? What would the Council consider a “success” in reorganizing city departments?

      So — while Mike Germain may have been right about high marks being reserved for excellent performance, I cannot imagine that anyone who’s had any kind of “real” job would be satisfied with this kind of evaluation. There are no goals or objectives to be evaluated on for this year, and no setting of goals for next year.

      So, we don’t really know if the Council expects the mall to be demolished by next year, or anything else for that matter, because the evaluation form is too vague.

      Then again, perhaps I’m just not seeing it…

    • Tracy says:

      Cara, we probably *could* have handwritten them…we just were given a time to turn them in, and I think we all did it electronically.

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