Handwriting Analysis

First of all, kudos to the telegram web dudes and dudettes for posting the .pdfs of the councilor’s evaluations of the City Manager.  (I would like it to be known that I’m trying to do anything to get your attention.  If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to start declaring how I have the hots for Sid McKeen.  And no one wants to see that.)

Regular readers of this blog know which councilor’s review I wanted to read first.  (.pdf here)  Five handwritten pages.  Written on the plane ride back from Orlando?  (Seriously, though…doesn’t that look exactly how you’d imagine MikeGermain’s handwriting would look?)

Now, there are a few other (visually) interesting evaluations.  Kate Toomey’s has the city seal as the background; Bill Eddy uses his own (city councilor) letterhead, as does the mayor.

But one other councilor decided to handwrite his evaluation…Phil Palmieri. (I was going to say “Germain arch-rival, Phil Palmieri”, but you could assign that sobriquet to pretty much anyone on the Council.)

Phil’s got a neater hand, and he writes on lined paper; Germain writes the same way I do when unlined paper finds its way under my hand: a touch slanted.

But Phil’s evaluation is inexplicably upside-down.  A serious political comment?  A simple lack of manipulation on the .pdf?  We may never know…

Update, 8:09am: In my continuing bid to be the campaign manager for whomever runs against Bill Eddy, I’d like to note the following passage in his evaluation, emphasis added by me:

in district a key issue for future years will be to ensure that today’s celebration of an Airport sale carries forward to a promised partnership between Mass Port and the residents of Tatnuck and West Tatnuck.

There are plenty of residents in District 5 who are affected by the Airport sale who do not live in either Tatnuck or West Tatnuck.  In fact, some of them might be residents whose homes or parkland could be taken in the event of an access road from the Airport to I-290t.  The honorable gentleman from District 5 would do well to remember that his District extends to parts south of the Airport as well as north.  And that those in Tatnuck are not nearly as affected by this as those who live on, say, Grandview Avenue.