I Am Officially in Love

(I will leave it to Victor to wax romantic about actual people.  My love is reserved for pieces of software and certain elderly men with weekly columns in the T&G.)

I’ve previously expressed my admiration for ManorLabs.  (And the Mayor once again threw me a bone by mentioning FB & Twitter at Tuesday’s City Council meeting; located towards the end of the Liveblog.)

I’ve found a similar software called IdeaScale for managing ideas and suggestions.

It has thumbs-up/thumbs-down voting on proposals:


Wiki-style editing:

And decent tools for moderators:

The best part?  It’s free to government agencies.  I highly recommend the City look into using this for citizen suggestions.


Albert Southwick thinks turning ninety isn’t a big deal.

While that may be true, ninety years of AWESOME is totally worth celebrating.

Thank you, Mr. Southwick, for your always-interesting columns, for continuing to inform the public about our history, for being an inspiration to young people, and for knowing the difference between “jerry-built” and “jury-rigged.”

(Also, in honor of your birthday, today’s BBC One Planet programme devoted the better part of a show to aging.)