The Real Reason You Read This Blog

It’s cemetery news, of course! 

I don’t have a lot for you all.  The water barrels with the spigots have been out, and continue to be out, and (barring a few complaints) it sounds like they worked out ok.  To re-do the underground plumbing system would require (as far as I heard) a LOT of money.  Like, a lot of money.  And it would require cutting into the street…and we all know what that means.  So expect the barrels to be there for quite some time.

Two other items of city government interest:

DPW&P is conducting a survey about everyone’s favorite topic, litter.  I tend to rag on DPW regarding the street signs, but I think everyone there knows I am their biggest fan.  (via twitter and/or Facebook; if you don’t already, follow them!)

The mayor’s having a neighborhood walk in the Piedmont/Becker/Pleasant Neighborhood on Monday (June 14)  from 4-5pm. They’re meeting at All Saints Church (10 Irving Street) at 4pm. More info here.

…Also, in case you (like me) usually opt out of the op-eds, you should really read this one about stormwater.  Really.