Vote for Project

As discussed in this post, I’ve put together a poll with your suggestions for a project to bring to the city — let me know if I’ve missed anything; I had to summarize some of the (wonderful, long) comments into a bite-sized chunk. 

(Also, I know I promised a poll yesterday, but I’ve been busier than usual.  I mean to respond more to the comments as time permits; as always, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the comments and continue to feel that those are the best parts of this blog.)

Regarding the poll, you can vote for up to two choices, and on Friday, I’ll pick one of the top three vote-getters as something we can work on. 

5 thoughts on “Vote for Project

  1. t-traveler says:

    city should stay out of promoting volunteerism, with the exception of city-sponsored programs and internship opportunities, which should be open to all

  2. Wes Zider says:

    Walk-ability should include fixing the sidewalk on my street.

  3. t-traveler says:

    did you see the new requirements for open meetings?

  4. t-traveler says:

    did you see the article about tables and chairs on the Rose Kennedy greenway, including comment from former Worcester resident

    “DeFanza’s lunch partner, Isabella Ciolfi, 19, sat with bare feet, curled up in her chair, and thought about what would happen to moveable chairs in a park in her hometown. “I mean in Worcester they would just disappear,’’ Ciolfi said.”

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