It’s not just grrrls who can’t spell

Is the Sign Shop of Worcester’s DPW&P in need of a proofreader?  Here’s a very new sign just erected at the corner of Blithewood Avenue & Blithewood Terrace:

(Note the crookedly aligned green adhesive on the top image!  Is anyone QC’ing these things before they go out the door?)

With several types of “Blithewood” byways located in that neighborhood, one would think there’d be plenty of examples against which the Sign Shop gang could check their spelling.  In fact, just a 30-second walk further up Blithewood Terrace, one finds two other signs, each spelled correctly, and one featuring a rakishly stepped-down “TER” at the end:

As an aside, in case the citizens of Worcester doubted that there’s no “master plan” for sign replacement, the “BLITHWOOD TERR” sign uses the typeface “Helvetica”, while about a dozen other nearby signs replaced this spring feature “Times New Roman” lettering.

I have a suggestion for a new sign at our borders:

“Welcome to Worcester — We’ll Keep You Guessing”