African Bazaar and Mike Stopa Blog

Two random links:

African Bazaar is today (Saturday) at the corner of Elm and Russell.  They will have a really wacky seven-person bike.

Mike Stopa, who’s running as a Republican (Tea Party?) candidate for Congress has a blog.  The only mention of Central Massachusetts had to do with the Arizona boycott proposal that came before the Worcester City Council.  Make of that what you will.

12 thoughts on “African Bazaar and Mike Stopa Blog

  1. Sean says:

    I just went for a ride on the 7 person bike. It’s a pretty cool vehicle- I have visions of a fleet of them giving late night revelers rides throughout Kelly Square and Green Island.

  2. Hello Nicole,
    Thanks for mentioning Mike Stopa. Mike is a physicist currently at Harvard, specializing in nanoscience and computational physics. He is running for congress in the Massachusetts 3rd district against congressman Jim McGovern. If you have questions about him I urge you to go to the website linked above, or come to a campaign event and meet him in person.

    Mike has never ran for any office before. I support him because i myself am a physicist and I feel that science and practical skills are missing from congress. Currently over half our congress is made up of lawyers.

    I would urge anyone interested to look into Mike Stopa. And please vote in the primaries wherever you are. There are a record number of people stepping up from all walks of life to run for office. Especially in the republican primaries.

    If you are an indie, you should consider voting in the republican primary in your area. You can vote in the republican primary and remain an independent. As I said there is a rush of people running in the Republican primary. Mike Stopa, a physicist; Sam Meas in the 5th district, a former Cambodian refugee. Sam grew up in during the horrors of the Pol Pot regime. He made it to American and is now a portfolio manager and expert consultant on emerging Asian markets.

    In each of these primaries only one will prevail. Even if you do not like the republican party, you could still help us weed out the lawyers and chronic politicians by voting in the republican primary.

    • Nicole says:

      While over half of the Congress is made up of lawyers, I don’t believe the US Reporesentative for this district is. Your comment has reinforced the impression I already got about your candidate: he’s interested in “national” issues and has yet to impress me with his knowledge of anything about the district he’s running for.

      I know that you haven’t read my blog much, because I’m just about as indie as they come, though not “indie” in the way you’d like. I am registered voter for a third party, and I nearly always vote for third party candidates. So it would take quite a Democrat (or a Republican) to convince me to vote for either major party.

      If you are as concerned as you seem to be about “weed[ing] out the lawyers and chronic politicians”, perhaps you can explain to me why a “chronic politician” — rather than someone with a background in law enforcement — is the Republican nominee for Worcester County Sheriff, or why a “chronic politician” — rather than someone with a CPA or equivalent financial background — is the Republican nominee for State Treasurer.

      • t-traveler says:

        Just to clarify, you would consider voting for a D or R in a nonpartisan election in Worcester, right? The blogospere wil hold its collective breath awaiting your response

      • Nicole ,
        Thank you for replying. As for McGovern being a lawyer. No. He is not. As for McGovern being concerned with local issues? Well I would ask him that while he is negotiating with communist rebels in South America.

        Regarding the sheriff, that is an excellent question. Since I don’t really care about the republican party I don’t have an answer. Because I don’t care about the republican party. Nor do I have any loyalty whatsoever to any ‘chronic politician’ merely because they run as a republican.

        But it is a fact, just due to the timing and political mood that a record number of people from all walks of life have stepped up to run in the republican primary. Sam Meas is one example. Mike Stopa is another.

        The thing is, congressman is a national office. I assert that someone living in the suburbs of metro west, someone who has held real jobs, would be better than what we have. Jim McGovern is a personal friend of Fidel Castro. Jim McGovern to my knowledge has never held a job outside politics.

        And in many of the races state wide there is a chance that the republican can win this time. Which means, if you don’t vote in the primary the choice may be made for you by the time Novermber.

        And since in most cases there is no dem challenger in the primary.

      • t-traveler says:

        can you explain your reasons that a state tresurer should be a cpa? I’ve known many CPAs and the only one that i can think of who I would vote for is deputy collector of taxes Tim Cronin, and that is because he has great people skills–you need them to get people to pay their back taxes!

        • Nicole says:

          I was just trying to follow the commenter’s logic. If we’re for people who’ve had “real jobs” or “real experience” or who aren’t career politicians, then presumably one would want someone with some financial experience to be the treasurer.

          Also, the logic that says you should vote for Stopa because he’s not a lawyer is the same logic that says you should vote for McGovern.

          Shredderofmass would like to have it both ways: a Congressman is a “national office”, but a Congressman shouldn’t involve himself in things outside the country that might affect Americans.

          He implies that I shouldn’t vote for someone because he’s a close, personal friend of Fidel Castro, but I should vote for someone who spends a lot of time at Tea Party rallies.

          That’s when I bubble in the blank and vote “None of the Above.”

          When I read McGovern’s re-election website (and let’s be blunt: I’m no fan), he actually discusses things in his district. Stopa’s does not include one thing about this district, as far as I could read. (And — again — I don’t even like McGovern! So if I’m more impressed by McGovern than a challenger…that’s saying something!)

          Also — I have never and will never switch parties just to vote in a primary, and I actually find the idea offensive. It goes against the limited standards I hold for myself.

    • t-traveler says:

      Libertarian George Phillies now there was a physicist for congress!

  3. t-traveler says:

    shredder seems like a stopa and mies fan, but not someone who could engage in the coke-tail party/graduate seminar give and take that is expected in the Worcester blogs

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