A Word on Dog Parks

So, we’ve heard that the College Hill Canine Park Association has begun putting together proposals to turn Cookson Field into a dog park.

According to one of my favorite people, ““This is the first group that has really come forward to begin discussions about having a dog park.”

While that may be true, then-Councilor Rosen had requested a study of area dog parks six months ago, and Park Spirit was supposed to be looking into making Boynton Park at least partly an official dog park.

Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with this plan, but the city was supposed to be looking into this months ago.  (See the minutes of the meeting I attended for the Chairman’s order.)  It shouldn’t have to take citizens asking for something that was already requested to spur action.

–An aside, now that I’ve been thinking about this for a few minutes: this is another example of how the city relies on citizens to come up with many good ideas, but does nothing to facilitate those ideas.  If we had a forum for this — online or otherwise — we could be having discussions along the lines of, “We’re thinking of having a dog park in College Hill” and someone else could mention Boynton Park, and work could be assigned in an official capacity.  And someone could say, “There’s an opening on the Parks Commission — maybe T Jablanksi should apply because she seems like she has a passion for parks.”

In Rules & Legislative Affairs, there was a discussion about how to encourage more people to serve on boards and commissions.  The real question is how to focus the talents and passions of people who are already willing and able to give freely of their time to the city.  There are people in this city who don’t like graffiti; why not organize them into a volunteer graffiti crew, as Bob Q recommended?  There are now at least two proposed dog park sites in the city; will anyone coordinate the findings/research of the Cookson Field folks with the myriad people who’d be interested in making Boynton Field a real dog park?

This is why people get frustrated in this city: the councilors get frustrated because no one shows up at council meetings and applies to serve on boards, and the citizens get frustrated because it doesn’t seem like anything gets accomplished and they don’t see a place for them to make any sort of impact.