How Much Does Playground Equipment Cost, Anyway?

Danged if I know.

But I read this post of Dee’s with great interest, because I was acquainted with a man who helped install this playground at May Street School a few years ago.  According to that article, the playground cost approximately $30,000, and the volunteers who installed it saved the project between $10,000 and $12,000.

The sign at Providence Street indicates that the playground was manufactured by Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, so I checked out their website for similar equipment.

This model is about as close as I could find, and it costs a bit more than $16,000.

For comparison, this model is much fancier, and costs about $25,000.

An arch swingset, as seen in Dee’s photo, would cost about $3,500.

So, with labor (if we’re estimating $10,000), my best guess at the playground equipment installed would be about $35,000. 

How that turns into nearly half a million dollars is anyone’s guess.