Crompton Park Pool Estimates

In my continuing efforts to turn this blog into a public works snoozefest (tagline: Nicole, Worcester: The Official Blog of the Crompton Park Pool), here’s the text of a memo from Commissioner Moylan to City Manager O’Brien about the Crompton Park pool:

As you know, a newspaper article appeared this week that indicated that the planned opening of the Crompton Pool for July 1st was being threatened.  That statement is accurate.  Unfortunately, the article conveyed the sense that it was a certainty the pool would not open on July 1st.  That statement was inaccurate.  The facts concerning the schedule of the pool opening are below.

It was always known that opening the Crompton Park pool for a July 1st date was going to be very challenging.  Nonetheless, everyone worked hard to put the project in the best position to meet this date.  An aggressive design and bidding schedule was developed with our design consultant, Lamoreaux and Pagano and their partner Weston and Sampson Engineers.  Accordingly, the project was bid to give the contractor, Fontaine Brothers Inc, maximum use of the 2010 construction season.  The first activity to be undertaken was the tedious work of separating the hazardous waste caulking throughout the pool complex from all other materials so that it could be removed and disposed appropriately.  That work, performed by a sub-contractor to the general contractor, has unfortunately taken much more time than anticipated and utilized some of the “float” time that was in the original construction schedule.

The good news is that the removal and disposal of the hazardous material has been completed.  The general contractor has been given the charge to find ways to make up the time to get the project back on schedule.  I expect that with favorable weather conditions between now and July 1st we will be able to make up the lost time and open Crompton Park pool on July 1st.

As I have written and stated previously, July 1st is the desired opening date and we will strive to open for that date.  However, under no circumstance will we sacrifice the long term quality of this project to meet this date.  What that means is that if the weather or other conditions cause the construction schedule to slip, we will continue to focus on the quality aspect of the project as a primary focus and the completion date as a secondary focus.

So, July 1st, if you say your prayers that the weather will be good for the next two months.

Which brings us to a poll; if we get a few yes votes, I’ll try to do a little more reporting on Wheels to Water in general: