What I Learned from Blogs Over The Past Two Weeks

Administrative Stuff
I’ll be putting up a few items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for this week.  If you register at the WorcesterActivist site, you can update this as well. 

Also, for the two of you who may be interested, Craig Newmark on social media and governmental change.

Worcester Tree Giveaways.

WoMag is looking for a writer

Arts events for May 14-16

May 15 – open house at Sprinkler Factory

May 20 – Art Input meeting for Worcester Cultural Commission (and Art in the Park is coming soon!)

Open Road Festival will be September 4.

What I Learned
Nice review of VegFest (and other information about VegFest).

Dee had a great post about a new Worcester resident.

From Daily Worcesteria: yes, Frank Beshai is running for sheriff, context– and source-free quotestaking back the street, debate by twitter, .

Jeff shares a quote from the Republican Convention, and writes about it as well, but Brendan’s commentary was probably the best.  (Though Tracy had a lot of great tweets as well.)  Karl also wrote well about the Tea Party and the convention.  And there were, of course, alternative Tea Parties.

Jeff also wrote about CSX Expansion, duplexes, the reason I love school vacation weeks, found a new word, hands out the earliest standout award, and comment policies.

Sean raised some excellent questions about the “business” that might be impacted by the CSX expansion.

Bill wrote about city housing policies

Paul wrote a nicely reasoned post about parking.

Tracy wrote about RTTT. covered the Sullivan and Roosevelt School meetingbid letters, School Committee (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Crystal wrote about neighborhoods, though I think the median household income in Worcester is more like $35,000 (well, the area one is even bigger, if you read the last page of this report), not $18,000.  She also wrote another excellent real estate post.

Eating Worcester reviews Playa Del Carmen.

Mike wrote about the T&G’s decline in circulation, and Jeff (and Karl) wrote about the paywall, plus online growth.

Hannah had a very informative post on the Crompton Park pool.

Victor wrote about the significance of the number 18 and how to effectively get onto the T&G calendar of events.

Getting lost, spelling, Denholm bags, love, underground hip hop, golf course, mentors, fook parking.


Free Comic Book Day.

The Regatta Season has come!