What a Difference a Day Makes

Today, more than 25 volunteers picked up 9 tons (!!!) of trash on Swan Avenue and in God’s Acre.  (That’s one 30-foot roll-off dumpster, one barrel truck, and three dump trucks’ worth of trash.)

On behalf of my neighbors, thanks to all who helped!  You truly accomplished above and beyond what I hoped we could do.  You were able to dig deep into spots we’ve never been able to get to.  I was so moved by your dedication; more than once, I would walk by a spot, thinking that we’d just have to wait until next year, and then came by five minutes later to find people were busy taking care of the trash.

A special thanks from the marbled salamander, who stopped by to convey his personal gratitude for everyone who helped clean up his habitat.  (The marbled salamander would also like to remind me that next year I need to ask for 200 trash bags, because 100 is clearly not enough!)

Bob Q. took zillions of pictures, including one of my husband and me during a trash bag handoff/discussion of whether some boots would be high enough to venture into a pond to take out a few pieces of junk.  (They weren’t.  I suppose that’s why God made August.)  Bob came early — 6am — and stayed late — past 3pm.  He also trusted that I wasn’t a psychopath and took a long walk on the God’s Acre trail with me so that we could discuss what needed to get done.

Once again, Dennis O’Connor of Superior Waste and Recycling went absolutely above and beyond the call of duty.  Once again, I do not know how much we would have been able to accomplish without his gracious offer of staff and equipment. 

Thanks to the REC for making it possible for us to do this cleanup for the third year in a row.

Thanks to my in-laws for lending us their trailer, which enabled my husband and I to do a bit of cleaning at the top of the trail on Friday night.  There’s nothing quite as romantic as picking up female sanitary items and really heavy car doors for a date night.

Nine tons, people!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

PS — Here are my proposed slogans for next year:

“Nicole: More of a task master than her nice emails would imply!”

“God’s Acre Earth Day Cleanup: All the Tab You Can Drink!”