God’s Acre Cleanup Tomorrow

Thanks to all the readers who’ve agreed to come down tomorrow and help!

Here are a few details about the cleanup:

We’ll be meeting for our Earth Day Cleanup at the corner of Swan and Paris Avenues at 8am (or thereabouts) this Saturday, May 1st. 

We’ll work for about four hours and are planning on having a pizza party afterwards.  For those who are interested, we can also take an abbreviated trail walk/discussion of the history of God’s Acre.

The REC will provide bags and gloves — all you need to bring is your positive attitude (and a wheelbarrow, if you have one).

In addition to the areas on the map, we may also clean the litter around Mill Swan school on Mill Street.  So, if you can’t lift heavy items, that might be up your alley!

If you can’t help tomorrow, but would be interested in helping with trail improvements later in the spring and summer, let me know.

Also, a HUGE shout-out to Dennis O’Connor of Superior Waste & Recycling who will not only be providing us with a roll-off, but will also bring a garbage truck (which is extremely helpful at this site).

The first year I coordinated this site, I was getting really depressed in the week before the cleanup because I’d had limited success getting volunteers.  Then I got a call from Dennis, and he brought a garbage truck and ten volunteers, and was able to remove a lot of waste that we never would have been able to do on our own.  Dennis is absolutely the real deal and there would be a lot more trash in this area if it were not for his dedication.

(Also, every time I see him, I’m literally crying because I am so grateful for what he’s done.  So, he also deals with hysterics.  Yet another point in his favor.)

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