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Budget Recommendation Presentation (and a letter, in case you prefer words to Powerpoint).

Of note to those of you who share my passions (and/or who care about my limited official capacity), there’s a proposed elimination of $700,000 in DPW&P, which would include closing off three yard waste drop-off sites; reduction in Hope Cemetery maintenance; closure of the Summer City Beach Program; and elimination of the Nuisance Team Program, Keep Worcester Clean, Neighborhood Cleanups, and Graffiti “Grime Watch” Team.

On the aspect of those cuts that is under my extremely limited purview, I’ll ask what I can do personally, as a private citizen, when we meet in a couple of weeks.  (How’s that for anonymity?)

5 thoughts on “Budget Stuff

  1. t-traveler says:

    i think the 2 million will keep that stuff open

    • Nicole says:

      If there’s not major backlash.

      Appropos of nothing, I was at City Hall yesterday for the proclamation for Earth Day, and I was within ten feet of Commissioner Moylan and I was too shy to tell him how much I think he rocks. I think he would have given me that “Ugh, can John Mayer just take my groupies off my hands” look.

      I’ll send him some baklava when he puts up my gate, though.

    • RQ says:

      I think that elimination of these programs is very short sighted. Worcester is still a very decent place to live but seems to be hanging on by a very fragile thread. Once that thread breaks then Worcester will begin decent into a spiral where trash begets trash, graffiti begets graffiti, etc. Businesses and people will decide to relocate elsewhere and tax revenues will decrease even further. If this spiral starts then Worcester’s future will look much like that of Springfield and Lawrence (receivership)

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