Article on St. V’s in the Globe

For those of you who didn’t see it yet, here’s an interesting article about the for-profit hospital in the center of the city. 

Worcester’s mayor, Joseph C. O’Brien, praises the hospital’s commitment to community care. Saint Vincent is one of 16 hospitals statewide that have an especially high share of poor patients. The hospital also pays more than $1 million in property taxes and close to $1.3 million in sales taxes, and spends about $2.3 million on free care and almost $300,000 on other community benefits and sponsoring local events, according to a 2008 filing with the state attorney general’s office.

Note that eleven years ago, it was estimated that this would generate $5-6 million in tax revenue.  Also, the city’s share of the MedCity project was about $42 million.  (It was also supposed to improve pedestrian traffic, but let’s not get into that.)  Even six years ago, it was paying $1.7 in property taxes.  So I’m not that impressed with the tax amount they’re paying, especially if you consider that the taxes are kind of like a payment for the city’s initial investment in the project.  (If you have difficulty with these links, follow the instructions in this comment.)

On a slightly ligher note, my two siblings were born at the old St. Vincent’s (I was — gasp! — not born in Worcester), so here’s a story:

My parents are married but do not share a last name.  Because of this, they experienced some hostility from the staff at the hospital, who were under the assumption that they were an unmarried couple who had the temerity to have children out of wedlock.

Also (because I guess this is what was done in those days in the City of Worcester) both of my sibling’s birth certificates were stamped Illegitimate.  This made my mother incredibly upset, not only for her children, but for all the other people who had that stamped on their birth certificates.  As she tells it, it took an act of God (well, a relative who was an elected official) to get the birth certificates changed.

One thought on “Article on St. V’s in the Globe

  1. t-traveler says:

    the article skims over the subject of the ownership by Fallon Clinic/Fallon Healthcare Plan who looted the hospitals receivables before selling to ORNDA

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