On Litter

Since Jeff has written much more extensively about charging for online content than I ever could, I thought I’d ask if anyone else had found unwanted trash on their lawn for the past few weeks.  Because we have a couple of abridged Sunday Telegrams and another random T&G sitting at the end of the driveway right now.At least junk mail is neatly placed in my mailbox

Now, the weird thing is, that the last time my husband had received unsolicited trash newspapers was right around the last time the T&G started charging for online content.  About eight of them accumulated before he had to phone the T&G to complain.

I don’t know which I resent more — the litter illegally dumped on Swan Avenue and in God’s Acre (which we’ll be cleaning up on Saturday — directions here), or the T&G littering on my lawn in the expectation that I might actually pay to have them litter my lawn this way every day.  My husband and I both delivered papers for the T&G back in the days when kids went door to door with them, and we NEVER left papers on lawns or hurled them onto steps.  They were placed in porches, mail slots, or between a storm door and front door.  We’d quickly lose a customer if we started tossing papers onto their lawn or at the bottom of their driveway.

I don’t want to turn this too negative.  I would have hoped that, instead of or in addition to deciding to charge, the T&G would have thought of some creative ways to add local content, like enlisting locals to cover meetings.  I don’t see that happening any time soon, and, as Tracy notes, this also means that there will be a bigger void to fill regarding meeting coverage.  Obviously, she does more than her part attending and reporting on education.  Here are the non-education meetings for the week — see if you might like to cover one:

Monday, April 26, 6:30pm: City Council Joint Standing Committee on Public Works and Public Service and Transportation Meeting will be discussing…CSX.

Tuesday, April 27, noon: City Council Standing Committee on Municipal Operations Meeting will be discussing the format for evaluating the city manager.

Tuesday, April 27, 5:30pm: City Council Standing Committee on Public Works Meeting: street resurfacing and sidewalk repair requests; the lingering question of why Bill Coleman needed to make a petition twice.

Tuesday, April 27, 7:00pm: City Council Meeting, now with budget!

Wednesday, April 28, 6:00pm: City Council Standing Committee on Youth, Parks and Recreation Meeting — pools/Wheels to Water?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Thursday, April 29,6:30pm: City Council Standing Committee on Public Service and Transportation Meeting: hearing on transfer of the airport to Massport.