What I Learned from Blogs This Week

Administrative Stuff
I’ll be putting up a few items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for this week.  If you register at the WorcesterActivist site, you can update this as well. 

I may be at VegFest tomorrow, so if you see me, say hi! 

Rebuilding Together Worcester will happen this weekend.

Big Read activities at the library; also, genealogy conference.

What I Learned This Week
I guess the Tea Party was the biggest story of the week.

Tracy wrote a lot this week: Third Restructuring Meeting, Turnaround Grant, Union Hill Meeting, Teaching Assistant Principals, Finance and Operations, Chandler Elementary Meeting, School Committee (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), FY11 Budget Sessions (and memo). 

Jeff on the Dartmouth Street School condos, CitySquare, Clive vs. WPD.

Jeremy liveblogged the Council meeting, and, like Clancy, I was MIA.

Bret on April Art Week at WAM.

Stopping, Spring, Scams, New Dorms, Wal Mart, Urban Tree Mapping, Billboards,

Farmer’s Markets on the Pike.

The Week in Southwick
How can you not adore someone who says something (“Worcester was slow in adjusting to the modern era”) that could work equally as well in the present tense?

The Week in Tirella
I gave her up for Lent, pretty much, but can I just say that anyone who employs Worcester’s Ultimate Perennial Candidate as a columnist should probably not be counseling anyone to give up politics?

Letter to the Editor of the Week
(First, can I just put in a disclaimer that my favorite uncle associates with John Fresolo on a regular basis and that my sister and I met Fresolo about eight years ago while he was chilling with said uncle and that it was a disturbing event from which we have not yet recovered?  Thanks!)

So, there was this letter about how Paul Clancy and Mike O’Brien didn’t listen to a nine-year-old when she wanted her sidewalks repaired, so she went to Fresolo and he took care of it for her.  And now she’s thirteen.  Now, I’m not sure if she filed a petition and the public works committee told her to buzz off (though if she had, they probably would’ve told her she would have a 3-4 year wait on those sidewalks).  But what likely happened was that she called and people didn’t give her a satisfactory response, so she called Fresolo, and one of his peeps filed a petition to the City Council, and, four years later,  she’s got better sidewalks thanks to city taxpayers.

Now, I don’t mean to be a cranky old lady, though I am, but filing a petition is just about the easiest thing you can do in this city, and they’ll refer it to the right committee, and then you’ll get in line with everyone else who needs a sidewalk repair.  (Let’s leave out the fact that my own petition is in some sort of city government limbo; it’s not going to help my point in this case.)

Perhaps the councilor or manager should have told her to file a petition; or perhaps they did, while telling her about the wait, and she thought that was too long and she’d see if her state rep could speed things up.  But — right in line with the wait time — four years later, she credits Fresolo with fixing the sidewalk.  The whole thing sounds odd.

Commenting, part two

I was very interested to read Jeff’s thoughts regarding Clive’s column about whether his New Year’s Eve (2004) arrest influences his coverage of the WPD. 

What no one has mentioned — not Clive, not Jeff, not the WPD — is that anyone who read the comments on any of Clive’s columns that remotely mentioned police already knew that Clive had been arrested.  Because people (perhaps police or those in the know) kept posting comments that Clive had a bias against police in general and Rojas in particular because of this arrest. 

The problem, of course, is that those comments were interspersed with really offensive racist rants.

Besides the racist stuff, though, I guess I don’t know why I was complaining about the comment section of the Telegram, since that seems to be where I get most of my news.