What I Learned from Blogs Last Week

Administrative Stuff
I’ll be putting up a few items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for this week.  If you register at the WorcesterActivist site, you can update this as well. 

This Wednesday from 5:30-7:30pm will be the second Veterans Acupuncture Care clinic in Worcester.  The walk-in clinic provides free stress-relief acupuncture to veterans, active military, and their families. It is located at: Dodge Park Rest Home (rear entrance), 101 Randolph Rd., Worcester, MA 01606.  For more information call: (508) 890-8899

Rebuilding Together Worcester will happen this weekend.

Veg Fest on Saturday.  (with information on volunteering)

Just in time for Tea Parties…a discussion on uncivil discourse.

Big Read activities at the library; also, genealogy conference.

What I Learned This Week
Guy Glodis on the Sacred Codcast

The T&G’s Shaun Sutner used twitter about four times on Sunday.

Eating Worcester has a lot of potential, but they need to fix their RSS feed!

Tracy outlines next week’s school meeting schedule, first and second restructuring meeting notes, comments on proposed accountability and assistance regulations, and the “mall school.”

Bill wrote about task forces, predicts the future of ORH and had an interesting discussion of what the financials of the transfer might look like.

Jeff on the real reason for bumps, introduces us to the Barre Muckraker, the Telegram’s new political column, tipping, Green Hill monsters, and RZN.

Jeremy went to the City Council meeting (and didn’t fall asleep).  Also, I will always vote for someone with snazzy eyewear.

Sean discussed my favorite topic.

Tweet of the week.

Trash bags, rain barrels, city lights, the prospect of casinos in Worcester, forsythia.

The Week in Southwick
Just this.