Southbridge rocks the MUTCD

The “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” (MUTCD) specifies that street name signs on most streets should feature uppercase letters that are at least 6 inches tall (or if using uppers/lowers they should be 6 & 4.5 inches respectively).  These are minimum standards, and Worcester’s recent replacement signs often have trouble even meeting those minimums.

Southbridge has been replacing older signs recently, and here’s one very eye-catching example:

This one can be read from about a quarter mile away, as it features 9-inch-tall letters on a 12-inch tall blank.

There’s something to be said for exceeding minimum standards.

Rock on, Southbridge.

(This post is dedicated to Tina Zlody, who continues to exceed minimum standards.  She told me last week that they’d started replacing the signs around her street with smaller signs, except they left an older, bigger sign on one side of her street, and put up a newer, smaller sign on the other side.  And it made her think of me.)