Deed Rock in the News

I swear, this week has been the opposite of the Great Disappointment for the Deed Rock.

The SeeClickFix blog mentioned the Deed Rock and why GPS location can be important when there is no street address.

And in today’s WorcesterMag, the Deed Rock is featured prominently as part of Hidden Worcester.   In fact, it’s so well hidden that Jeremy had me call Steven King (the photographer) because he couldn’t find it.  (In fact, the exact words were something like, “Colin Novick told me you live around there” which just proves that Jeremy hasn’t read my blog in at least a month!)

The article mentioned that there was a small brush fire.  Actually, it was some jerk who decided to light the trash he’d dumped on fire.  Mad props to the very nice operator at the Worcester PD who told me that they’d “already been there an hour ago” but promised to send someone out when I told her I still saw smoke. 

Thanks to all of you for continuing to focus your efforts on making this small area of the city better.  The next step after the cleanup would really be to prepare a detailed map describing the buildings whose foundations remain there, and perhaps set up some signage.  After that, we’ll announce the date of the Second Coming.  (A little joke for all of you Millerite fans out there.)

(Obviously, next year’s Earth Day Cleanup should be subtitled “It’s Miller Time.”)

Scranton. Really.

There’s a billboard advertising the University of Scranton on I-290 eastbound, almost exactly across from Holy Cross.  (I wish I’d taken a picture of this, but I can’t take pictures and drive at the same time…readers with better photography and/or driving skills, feel free to take a picture and send it to me.)

The words “Jesuit University” were in really big letters, which is kind of bizarre, considering there’s a Jesuit school right here in Worcester.  Not being Catholic, I always thought there was a Jesuit code, similar to the Volvo code.  (As in, my best friend used to own a Volvo.  One day, she and I were driving along, and a Volvo cut her off.  “Didn’t anyone ever tell him about the code of the Volvo?” she asked.  Having both grown up as a Volvo passenger and a Wellfleet vacationer, I knew the code of which she spoke.)

My husband thought perhaps Scranton was significantly cheaper.   The difference between the Scranton yearly tuition, room and board ($40,718ish, depending on the kind of room you want) and the Holy Cross yearly tuition, room and board ($50,832) is relatively significant. 

So, perhaps someone who’s Catholic can enlighten me: is there  a Jesuit code, and is this violating it?