CWW: This-n-That

1) The kids and I went to the free organ concert at Mechanics Hall today.  It was really excellent, and we especially appreciated the rendition of “Ride of the Valkyries,” mostly because in our house there are alternate lyrics that aren’t appropriate for mixed company.  There will be at least two more of these concerts, on August 4 and August 11, and likely another in December.  One of the concerts will accompany a silent movie.  I’ll keep you posted when I hear more.

2)  There will be a live bird show at FPBL on Thursday, May 13 at 4pm; it’s free, but you need a ticket.  If you want to see this, get a ticket now.

3) Also, on Wednesday April 21, 2010, at 2pm, 4pm, & 6pm, the Main Library will be hosting Creepy, Crawly Critters.  So, the kids can get up close and personal with bugs.  Personally, I think you haven’t lived if you haven’t yet petted a hissing cockroach.  It’ll be free; I’m not sure yet whether it’s a first-come-first-served or ticketed event.

4) This Friday (April 9) there will be a masked ball at the Main Library.  Free, but tickets are required.

5) The Main Library will be hosting a genealogical conference on April 16 & 17.  There are a lot of good topics that would appeal to a wide range of ethnic groups (in other words, it’s not just for white, Western Europeans: some topics include Basic Black: Tips, Traps, and Techniques for Tracing Your African Roots and It Takes More Than a Village:Locating and Translating Ancestral Records in Eastern Europe.

6)  My husband found some De Cecco pasta at Building 19 the other day for 78 cents a box.  And it was my absolute favorite: Orecchiette, number 91.  (When he wants to make me smile, he just has to read the ridiculous not-quite-flluent English from their boxes: “De Cecco’s is the first pasta certified for the distinctive quality of many parameters such as…” [and then it goes on to list the size of the particles, the temperature of the water used to make the pasta, and the high gluten content of the pasta.  I won’t bore you.])