SeeClickFix for Graffiti

I don’t want to get into the whole “T&G creating a map when we already have SeeClickFix” conversation, but I did want to point out that this service can be used for items besides potholes.  I’ve seen that there have been plenty of requests about stray shopping carts, illegal dumping, and signs hanging by a thread.

Now, if the readership may indulge me for one moment, one of your fellow readers has posted a request to have graffiti on the Deed Rock addressed.   I would really appreciate it if you could vote that you, too, would like this fixed as soon as possible.

(You can read here for more on the Deed Rock; feel free to ignore the more ridiculous aspects of that website.)

My neighbors and I thank you!

12 thoughts on “SeeClickFix for Graffiti

  1. Joe says:

    The way the DPW handles graffiti in our local park is by painting over it with a close to matching color.

    Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate what they are doing. However, This may not be the solution for deed rock. Getting spray paint off weathered granite is likely to be problematic. Heck, even in state parks (Purgatory for example) they paint over it.

    Anyway, we have had extremely good results (usually next day) with the DPW’s regular graffiti reporting system:

    Why go through a third party website- unless it’s for the mapping/GPS component…

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah — I definitely wouldn’t want it painted over! (And I have to say that I wish they would have matched the color a bit more at the bus stop/stone hut on Belmont Street.)

      The SeeClickFix would not have been my first choice, but there is no street address for this, so the GPS aspect really does help.

  2. t-traveler says:

    i agree that the city’s graffiti unit is very responsive

  3. Tracy says:

    I’d call them. I’d even try to waylay Bob Moylan at the next Council meeting. He knows where Deed Rock is.

  4. t-traveler says:

    maybe the community should fix instaed of the city to ensure that “the repair” is acceptable to the neighbors

  5. Bob Q says:

    I like the way that SEECLICKFIX works in that it allows a forum for other residents to become aware of issues that are being reported to the Worc DPW and to add comments.

    Perhaps the Worc DPW could add this feature to its web site.

    In the meantime I hope that this exposure will generate more hikers to Deed Rock and Gods Acre. I believe that more foot traffic would lead to better trail maintence and less illegal dumping and more watchful eyes on the property..

    Bob Q.

  6. t-traveler says:

    before clickfix, i would call my district city councilor

  7. Dee Wells says:

    I’m glad the word is getting out about SeeClickFix and I, too, wish DPW would add it to their website and City Councilors would announce it more formally at a City Council meeting.

    While I haven’t see Deed Rock, I would advocate for the community to decide upon how to fix it and I’d be glad to lend a hand.

    Back to the main reason for my writing, I think that having a program such as SeeClickFix we, the people that live in the City of Worcester, have to do a better job of sharing information and letting our neighbors know what resources are available.

    • Nicole says:

      Sorry, I’m being a bad blogger today, so I’ll just respond to a few items:

      1) Regarding Bob & Dee’s comments about DPW’s website, I wonder if DPW isn’t putting a link up for SeeClickFix because it would eventually cost money to implement. Frankly, I’d rather see the Worcester PD having a widget on their page, but that’s a whole other issue. These days, I’m a thorn in the side of the city with all the phone calls I make about improving the city website and digital communication efforts…

      2) Regarding Dee’s comment that “we, the people that live in the City of Worcester, have to do a better job of sharing information and letting our neighbors know what resources are available”, I (obviously) agree. One of the problems (and one of the reasons I wouldn’t clean the Deed Rock without giving someone a heads up) is that this is conservation land and I do want to do everything above board.

      3) Regarding t-traveler’s comment about calling my district councilor, I tend to contact DPW directly about this kind of thing. After the cleanup, the plan is for DPW to put a gate up at the entrance to God’s Acre so that the dumping would be minimized.

  8. t-traveler says:

    thats a good point about the rock being on conservation land. I have alot of respect for DPW’s response to graffiti, but it usually involves a swath of paint.

  9. Bob Q says:

    Right now this property is owned by the Worcester Airport Commission. I’m just wondering when (if) Massport takes over the Worcester Airport whether that’s going to change the dynamics of the property (i.e. access stewardship, etc.)

    In regards to graffiti, imagine if the DPW could use the power of leverage to handle the graffiti problem and at the same time reduce their overwhelming workload. What I mean by that is the DPW could assemble a group of volunteers and train them (perhaps including the hiring of outside expert) in the range of techniques and considerations for graffiti removal.

    Volunteers enjoy giving their time in helping to improve the community but a significant motivating factor for the volunteer is to learn more (get trained) in their area of interest. Once the volunteer team is fully trained the, the team could be authorized by and coordinated by the DPW to operate on the City’s’ behalf (including providing necessary equipment and supplies).

    There might be insurance and liability issues, but this format seems to have been effective in the volunteer teams assembled to hunt for the Asian Longhorn Beetle.

  10. Pam says:

    Tim and I brought the dogs up there today to check out Deed Rock after he read about it on here. I had never heard of it and it was a great little find! It is so sad that there is so much trash and graffiti though. It would be great to clean it up so more could enjoy it!

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