SeeClickFix for Graffiti

I don’t want to get into the whole “T&G creating a map when we already have SeeClickFix” conversation, but I did want to point out that this service can be used for items besides potholes.  I’ve seen that there have been plenty of requests about stray shopping carts, illegal dumping, and signs hanging by a thread.

Now, if the readership may indulge me for one moment, one of your fellow readers has posted a request to have graffiti on the Deed Rock addressed.   I would really appreciate it if you could vote that you, too, would like this fixed as soon as possible.

(You can read here for more on the Deed Rock; feel free to ignore the more ridiculous aspects of that website.)

My neighbors and I thank you!

Crosswalk Stings

I’d seen a crosswalk sting on Shrewsbury Street last October; I (in the right lane) stopped for the police officer/pedestrian, but the guy in the left lane didn’t, and got ticketed.  (I always wonder why there isn’t a similar push to ticket those who park their large SUVs or minivans right in front of the crosswalk, thereby making it impossible for a motorist to see a pedestrian.  Yes, I’m talking about the crosswalk guard at Mill Swan School who used to park her minivan right at the crosswalk, which never failed to boggle my mind.)

There will likely be more crosswalk stings as a result of the Crosswalk Safety Task Force, which prompts the following:

1) Can the stinger/pedestrian dress like a bunny?  Or — even better — a big smiley-face?  (via streetsblog NYC, which is really great but this post just takes the cake)

2) Barbara Haller has an intern from Clark.  This doesn’t seem like news to me, but I was reading about that and thinking…why isn’t Haller on FB/twitter/whatever, social media-ing it up, doing constituent relations via the web?  You’ve got a college student nearly half Nicole’s age — use her to set up a weekly email bulletin, or a decent news-y blog, or something.  Sheesh.

What I Learned from Blogs Last Week

Sorry for not posting a roundup sooner, and sorry this one is so sparse; I’m so behind on things I haven’t even read last Thursday’s Albert Southwick column.  And I have to write a lot more about pit bulls…

Administrative Stuff
I’ll be putting up a few items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for this week.  If you register at the WorcesterActivist site, you can update this as well. 

Contests & Other Publicity
The mayor is having a neighborhood walk TODAY.

Veg Fest, April 17

Big Read activities at the library; also, genealogy conference.

What I Learned This Week
First, can I just say how great it was to have actual posts (besides 508) on pieandcoffee this week?  (I put the podcast on as I was getting some supper together for my older son, who said, “Nicole?  I think they’re talking to you!”  I refrained from telling him that Mike was the guy we waved to in the library as we made our weekly pilgrimage to the touch-screen computers in the children’s section…)

Sean continues to read Nemeth so I don’t have to, and writes about Common futility; he’s also reviewing websites of challengers to McGovern.  (This also showed me that the ICT candidate profiles are essentially quotes from websites.)

Lance makes mad libs and corrects grammar. (hope you feel better!)

Jeremy did the city council liveblog.

Tracy on meetings (this week)mall school, fixing schools, FY11 budget, and MASC Day on the Hill.

Bill on Chandler NRSA achievements, HUD’s audit of Holyoke, the Chamber of Commerce, new housing policy, Stewart Airport, and Main South CDC.

Jeff continues the Toxic Players series, privatization, indoctrination, cruiser cams, quotes RZN, discusses the T&G reinventing the wheel, and CSX expansion.

Paulie has three good reasons to move to his neighborhood.

Victor had some great April Fool’s Day posts, for which he did not provide links.  He also wrote a really great post on the future of journalism.

Dee on crosswalk safety, mobile vision protection, and driving in Worcester.

The need for different pharmacy chains.

Miss Crystal’s real estate recommendations; she also visited the carnival.  And she’s writing a lot about health care and tea parties, so you should really be reading if you aren’t already.

WorcesterEM actually tweeted.

Worcester love, Easter in four languages, wrist corsages, trout stocking, Cascading Waters, residential sweeping, huge reptilian beetles, the best summary of the past month’s rain, Elm Park, Trumbull Square.