CWW: My Favorite Soap.

My husband called me last week and said, “Hey, I saw your favorite soap at the Grafton Street Building 19.”

“So, how much did you buy?”

“Well, you had a couple of boxes left from the last time it was at Building 19…”

So, of course I made the mad dash to Building 19 to buy thirty boxes of True Soap, which means I’ll be clean for the next decade or so.

The occupational hazard of keeping the boxes around the bathroom is that you keep getting that Spandau Ballet song stuck in your head.  (I know, because I’ve been singing it for months.)

If you like a nice, thick bar of soap that has a wonderful lather and no smell whatsoever, this is the soap for you. The clerk at Building 19 said that they do get it every once in a while, and it always goes quickly.  So keep your eyes peeled — this is cheaper than the equivalent package of Ivory soap, and a far better product.


You should also be checking that rolling bookcase near the entrance to the main library.  Lately, they’ve had a lot of great audiobooks (on audio cassette) and children’s videos (on video cassette).  Here’s a sample of what my husband found last week:

(That’s almost every The Way Things Work video ever made, some videos about human anatomy and other random stuff.  There were also two great videos about manners for kids that are cheesy-circa-1994 but have a lot of really good information.)

4 thoughts on “CWW: My Favorite Soap.

  1. Joe says:

    I noticed yesterday that they are working on liquidating their stock of cassette-based audiobooks. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen non-printed matter on the “free” cart.

    • Nicole says:

      My husband has a tape player in his car, so for us the discards have been a great find.

      For library audio and video, it’s almost too bad we went to a CD/DVD-exclusive mode, because the cassettes were a bit more durable (and certainly less prone to scratching).

  2. t-traveler says:

    thinking you and your husband would be a good team on bargain hunt in your matching fleeces!

  3. t-traveler says:

    free presentation of birds at Frances Perkins Branch Library in Worcester

    Click to access flier.pdf

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