Liveblog: Board of Library Directors Committee on Administration Meeting

6.28: Not started yet…just getting the post ready…and it’s snowing outside.

6.30: Also, it’s really chilly down here (basement of FPBL).

In the room: Judy Finkel, Tara, Kevin, Denise, someone else whose name I didn’t catch, Lucy

Judy: To consider an interim head librarian while process of finding a head librarian goes on.

Kevin: As far as ad hoc committee, seeing who’s interested in being on that committee and would need full board approval (at meeting in April) to be on the committee.

6.34: Judy: with Miss Lucy leaving

Lucy: in the South, they do call me Miss Lucy

Judy: really difficult times with the budget

Tara: how does hiring freeze affect situation?  Does this affect the head librarian?  What about interim?

Denise: hope not; as to filling interim spot, Lucy would have to be off the books before interim person.

Judy discussed whether Penny could come back, as she’s been retired from the city for a year.  There may be a need to apply for a waiver, depending on how long the search takes.

Lucy: she’s so vested in the organization that thinks she might be amenable

Denise: perhaps she could be on a reduced schedule as well.

6.42: Judy: if she does say no, do we know other retired librarians, or would in-house be better?

Maybe in-house would be better…

6.46: (because they are discussing personnel, moving to executive session, so I’m out in the hall checking my email)

Summary: Well, my stomach got the better of me, so I left.

If you’ve got an interest in either the interim head librarian or the process to select a new head librarian, contact the library board.  I will continue to liveblog and write what I can about this process.