Burns Bridge Project Website

You wouldn’t know it from the Telegram article, but there’s a great website devoted to the Burns Bridge Project.  (You can request to be on the mailing list for the project via that website, in case you’re interested.)

On it, you can find great pictures of the original, floating bridge:

And the 1916 bridge:

via the Commonwealth Conversations: Transportation blog

7 thoughts on “Burns Bridge Project Website

  1. Jim May says:

    The Quinsig Lake Bridge could be (dare I say “should be??”) a marketing opportunity and, hence, a gateway to the person entering our great city.

    It could be whimsical like the one I saw in Willimantic, CT: http://www.ctmuseumquest.com/?page_id=1125

    but where Willimantic looks to the past, Worcester could/should look to the future: Medical/Heart/Umass/Biotech welcoming center

  2. t-traveler says:

    heard Willimantic is a big illicit drug town

  3. Will W. W. says:

    Marketing op huh Jim?

    I don’t think so. Because 87% of visitors to Wusta come via 190 and 290.

    Any money would be better used to improve Shrewsbury and Belmont Streets.

  4. Tracy says:

    Thanks for sharing the frogs, T!
    I’m glad they’re thinking about the appearance of the bridge.

  5. t-traveler says:

    nicole you’re doing an incredible job keeping the blog fresh

  6. Jim May says:

    Willimantic ain’t romantic the way Worcester is.

    It is a sad little s–hole of a place, but like Worcester it has old mills, rivers etc.

    It’s umbilical cord to the outside world is its proximity to UConn and various state roads lead out to Norwich, Hartford, etc.

    But they do have an Irish immigrant museum, a reminder both of our region’s industrial past and to the ancestors of many who came before some of us now.

    The bridge was a surprise to me. I was driving back to Worcester via W’mantic and it was a shocker. How rare do you get “shocked” by something and over the end up smiling? But, hey, if they can do it, so can we.

    A new $150m + bridge over lake Quinsigamond shouldn’t be thought of as a just a connector. It is a Gaeway, it is a welcomng committee, it is a a drop off opportunity that can link in pedestrian, auto and various other kinds of traffic: stop and smell the roses.

    The W’mantic bridge is distinct all to itself. So why shouldn’t the Worcester bridge be the same way? Shouldn’t it–with just a little bit of creative and out of the box thinking–reflect the people on the other side of the water? Our creativity, our commitment to healthcare, medical research, etc?

    I liked that the frogs were brass. It reflects the “brass” of the W’mantic town leaders. So what options exist for Worcester? Can we recycle some industrial stuff while we are at it? Wouldn’t a whimsical “children;s bridge put a smile on business leaders faces too?

    And let’s say we did put up turtles on the new bridge? (as a salute and thank you to Willimantic) Because frongs and turltles genrally live int he same environment. What do turtles do? Maybe the message becomes for people to move slowly through Worcester. Smell OUR roses.

  7. Joe says:

    Looks like someone at the T&G finally found the website!

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