CWW: Broad Meadow Brook Camp

I haven’t done a Cheap Worcester Wednesday in a bit…not out of a lack of cheap things, just laziness.

Broad Meadow Brook hosts a Natural History Day Camp every summer.  This Saturday, March 13, they’re offering discounts when you register in person (from noon to 4pm).  The discount is $20 off a two-week session and $10 off a one-week session.  (It’s also worth it to become a MassAudubon member if you’re not already, as there are major discounts for members.)  Here’s a link to a brochure about their camp.

We are huge fans of the Discovering Nature as a Preschooler program at BMB, so we’ll likely be signing our son up for day camp there this summer.

‘Beyond Belief’ Pictures

Those of you who haven’t yet seen the Beyond Belief exhibit at the Higgins Armory are really missing out.  (Those of you who have know that it is totally awesome, but that photos aren’t allowed in the exhibit.)

So, for both groups, let me present an article with lots of photos, via the alma mater of both Hilary Scott and me.

(Also, Higgins is up for some grant money from Pepsi.  Click this link every day until the end of March to vote for them, and be sure to send to your friends.)