What I Learned from Blogs This Week

Administrative Stuff
I’ll be putting up a few items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for next week.  If you register at the WorcesterActivist site, you can update this as well. 

If you don’t have a blog but want to report on something, let me know and I’ll post it here.  Also, please feel free to send in nominations for “What I Learned from Blogs This Week.”  I tend to collect news-ish items during the week, but please let me know if I’ve missed anything of note.

Contests & Other Publicity
If case you know someone who could benefit from this…
My friend Emily at River Valley Acupuncture will be holding the first Veterans Acupuncture Care (VAC) clinic in Worcester at Dodge Park Rest Home on March 10 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  We’ll get up more detailed information before the event.

What I Learned This Week

CSX just received $98mil in stimulus money and more commentary on the proposed C S X Expansion.

Anyone itching to edit WoMag?

Liveblog of the City Council Meeting.

Bill on blanket code sweeps.

Tracy: Board of Ed meeting, and School Committee (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Activists at Israeli Ballet; Sean on number of protesters.

Victor went to Meanwhile…and Bret posted photos and commentary.

Lance provides the week’s best Tiger Woods media commentary.

There are plants, and then there are plants.

Who’s more subversive: Sarah Palin or Johnny Rotten?  (I vote neither…)

Honey Farms, Honey Dew, whatever.

Kelley Square, misdirected anger, As Seen on TV, I am forced to show that I have a sense of humor, dummy copselectronic waste gets a new life.

Saturday the 20th was the anniversary of the day in 1872 when the city of Worcester put up the home of Stephen and Abby Kelley Foster for auction.  (Seriously, those of you who love Albert Southwick should really follow MassMoments on Facebook.)

Telegram.comment of the week
I have to confess that I really liked this comment to the Rick Rushton/parking column:
To all,
Boy did I mess up on this one. Going forward I am going to pay these parking tickets as I get them.
The only part of this story Clive misunderstood is for a stretch I did not receive tickets because I was able to finish my work before the meters ran out. Pumping in 50 cents for 2 hours is usually cheaper than paying the 10 dollars, but I’ve learned paying the tickets without late fees saves me alot of headaches and money. That being said by not paying them on time opens me up to fair criticism. I will continue to use the meters downtown, but if I do get tickets, which I invariably will because as you can see I receive no special treatment, I will pay them promptly and not let them build up. I am also bummed for my wife being mentioned as she is a great wife, and mother, and a much better parker.
Rick Rushton

The Week in Southwick
I am going to remember Southwick’s misspelling of Lord Jeffery Amherst’s name (Southwick uses “Jeffrey”, which isn’t incorrect, but isn’t how Amherst spelled his own name) for every time someone takes me to task for my spelling.  It’s always nice to see our heroes can be human.

8 thoughts on “What I Learned from Blogs This Week

  1. Brian Nelson says:

    As a former Amherst resident whose mom frequents the Lord Jeffery Inn, I appreciate your duly noting the typo, a minor flaw to an excellent (as ever) column from Mr. Southwick. And never forget–the “h” is silent!

  2. t-traveler says:

    I nominate you for editor of WoMag

  3. worcestergadfly says:

    For those of you who are Facebook-phobic, “Mass. Moments” has its own site:

  4. Emily says:

    Thanks for the mention, Nicole. You’re a good egg!

  5. mike says:

    i think we now know why rick is always standing up with his coat on way before the meeting is nearing an end, he knows its just a matter of time til he gets a ticket

  6. Tracy says:

    I didn’t liveblog the Legislative tea, but I have a few notes I’ll put up.

  7. Jim May says:

    re worcester magazine

    it would have been NICE and maybe–RESPECTFUL–if Gareth Charter had bothered to spell Jim Keough’s LAST NAME correctly

    Keough is, after all, his EMPLOYEE and has a solid reputation in this burg

  8. Jim May says:

    haha joke’s on me

    it’s Keogh, Keough


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