Narcan, for Mike & Brendan

Seriously, guys, send me a note before your show, and I’ll do your research for you.

Barbara Haller had an op-ed in the T&G almost two years ago, noting that she and Billy Breault joined Worcester’s Opioid Coalition.

Before that op-ed, both Robert Z. Nemeth and Dianne Williamson took Breault and Haller to task for their anti-Narcan stance.  There was also a regular article in May 2008 about receiving a grant to combat drug overdoses (details of the grant can be found here), and another article in June 2008 about the opposition to Narcan.  (Here’s a document from the state about opioid-related events from 2002-2006.)

Also, Worcester Mag editorialized about this in 2008.

Brendan wrote about this here and here.

Also of interest: in 2001, EMTs were not administering Narcan, and a report of the opioid overdoses, from July 2008.

And the Council requested a month ago that they receive statistics regarding overdoses over the past 10 years, drug related arrests for the past 5 years, and whether there’s been an uptick in substance abuse treatment levels over the past 5 years.

(The Worcester CARES Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition doesn’t have a big web presence.)

3 thoughts on “Narcan, for Mike & Brendan

  1. Mike says:

    Again, amazing help!

    Now I know why I don’t recall talking about this on 508–it was on the infamous unlistenable episode 40.

    • Nicole says:

      Imagine what would happen in Worcester had a website similar to Brockton’s

      I know that some of my readers have had trouble with my links; I suggest you do a search on for “Opioid Overdose Prevention”; this pdf lists a contact in the Worcester city government for this program.

  2. t-traveler says:

    wow this community profile is quite colorful

    Click to access masscall2_worcester.pdf

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