Finally, It All Makes Sense

The real reason Rick Rushton ran for mayor: he needed a free parking spot.

On a more serious note, I recommend this interview with the philosopher of law Ronald Dworkin.  Owen Bennett-Jones asks him (around the 25 minute mark) if he’s ever broken the law.  Dworkin racks his brain; he doesn’t even speed when he drives, and so he says he says he has not broken the law “to his knowledge”, and further says he’s ashamed to admit that.

Then, around the 25.40 mark, he says, “I have to say: I have gotten parking tickets. … There is a long discussion, started by the great Oliver Wendell Holmes, as to whether you break the law when you get a parking ticket, or you simply pay for the privilege of parking there.  I take the latter view.”

And — finally — another quote for Rick, courtesy of Bill Vaughan: “A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works.”