Library Tip: Requesting Materials Online

I request items online all the time.  Many of the books/audio materials I want are not always available at the Worcester Public Library, so I request the materials and pick them up at my leisure.  I also tend to request books because it’s much easier to pick up materials at the desk than to drag two children all over the adult section.

Once you’ve identified the book you want in the online catalog,

click on the Request button on the left of the top menu:

You’ll be prompted to log in using your library card number and PIN.  If you don’t have a PIN, leave it blank and you’ll be prompted to create one.  If you’ve forgotten it, you need to go to the library with your library card to have the old PIN deleted and a new one created.

After a successful login, you’ll be brought to a menu to indicate the library where you’d like to pick up your materials:

The menu (at least, my menu) defaults to the main branch of the Worcester Public Library.  If I’m requesting materials from outside of Worcester, I request that the materials be sent to Frances Perkins Branch (so that I can see a friend of mine who works there).  If you request materials that are available at the main library and at other libraries, and request that the materials be sent to FPBL, they will not necessarily send the Main Branch materials — they might come from Westminster instead, which is a bit of a waste of gas — so keep that in mind when you’re requesting materials.

So, select the library you’d like and press Submit.

You’ll be brought to a confirmation page:

To check on the status of your hold(s), you can click on the Return To Your Record link at the top of the page:

You’ll be brought to a list of the materials you currently have checked out; click on the link that shows the number of holds you have (highlighted below):

You’ll be brought to a list of your holds and their statuses; “In Transit” means something is on its way, “Check Shelves” and (Blank) mean that the request hasn’t been filled yet.

When your materials are ready to be picked up, it will show up in the status, and you’ll also get an email:

You usually have about a week to pick up a request at the desk.