Library News and Literary Links

As suggested by t-traveler, here are two links of interest to all you library lovers:

You can suggest a library purchase on their website.  (The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes, anyone?)

You can also email the library board president with comments.  (As I’ve said before, if you’re not reading the head librarian’s reports, you’re really missing out on a lot of great library information.) 

If you know anyone who needs free tax preparation advice, they can get help at the library or other area organizations.  Here is more information.

I’ve been tempted to liveblog the library board meetings, the next of which will be tomorrow (Tuesday, February 9), but that will probably have to wait until I’ve got a little more time on my hands.  (Also, I’ve been thinking about hosting a book group at the library this summer that focuses on Worcester authors or books about Worcester; if anyone would be interested in participating in a book group like that, let me know and I’ll discuss it with the library staff.)

Here are some literary links I keep meaning to mention:

The best poem I’ve read in the past few months, by Maurice Rutherford, especially relevant to the current economic situation.

Hard-to-pronounce literary names; here are authors saying their own names; also, I’d been second-guessing how I say ‘Coleridge’, and I’m glad to see that at least one other person justifies my pronunciation.

Very funny Seuss parodies.

Reconsidering Dickens and Sherlock Holmes.

You’ll have to pry these from my cold, dead hands.

An absolutely amazing article on Gustav Tenggren and Golden Books.

A nice piece on book dedications, and a sign that pretty much sums up most of my book dreams.

Blogs I’m obsessed with: Book Cover Archive, Picture Book Report, Curious Pages.

8 thoughts on “Library News and Literary Links

  1. t-traveler says:

    did you see this article about WPI contributing to the library. The door is open for WPI to name a member of the library board.

    The city agrees to consider appointing a WPI representative to the library board. MCPHS has a similar clause.

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