I was surprised that no one took Dianne Williamson to task for using the adjective “cursed” when describing Haiti.  (See second paragraph down.)  At least Pat Robertson cited a deal with the devil.

When I read the title of today’s column (which perhaps I am a touch sensitive about, since I am a somewhat anonymous blogger), I thought she would instead discuss the comments to Clive MacFarlane’s column about the continuing public records battle between the city and the T&G.  According to some of those anonymous commenters (whose remarks have since been removed), Clive has a vendetta against Officer Rojas, because Rojas arrested Clive for drunken and disorderly conduct by Rojas in the wee hours of some January morning in 2004, and then Clive had the arrest expunged from the court record, though if someone wanted to look at the arrest records, they could get them from the Worcester PD.  (Again, all of this is according to the extremely unreliable anonymous commenters.  I really don’t care what may or may not have happened, and if Clive has indeed been arrested by Rojas, he’s in good company.)

If Dianne were so concerned about the anonymous attacks on someone, why not lobby to change the policies on, where people can feel free to spew all sorts of garbage about the nearest convenient person?  Why not take the Telegram to task for promoting the most commented articles on the front page of their website?  As long as traditional media continues to give people an outlet to attack others from behind pseudonyms and with no accountability, I will refuse to take seriously their complaints about anonymous attacks.

7 thoughts on “Cursed

  1. Tracy says:

    Yeah, I’d thought the same thing. The T&G enables this.

  2. Ghost says:

    You may recognize the fact that anon blogging is free speech – just like what you’re doing by calling yourself (just) Nicole.
    Why don’t you put your name and address, employer etc. on this blog for all to see?
    Because if you did, you never know what would happen. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?
    If you don’t like what you read at the T&G, then don’t read it.

  3. Tracy says:

    Ghost, it’s pretty easy to figure out who most of the bloggers in Worcester are in real life (and I include myself there).

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for saying that, Tracy. I think most people who knew me could figure out who I am in about two posts. And I don’t particularly hide who I am (as those who’ve heard from me via email know), I just make myself slightly less googleable by not including my last name.

      If you wanted to email me, there’s a real email you can email me at that I’ve linked to before on this blog. You could also figure out which part of the city I live in, roughly what my age is, and my marital status. That’s more than you can say for anyone commenting on the T&G website.

      Also — free speech means that the government cannot restrict your speech, not that a private entity cannot restrict your writings on a website it pays for. So, I’m for free speech, but I also believe that it undermines the Telegram to have ridiculous comments on the website.

  4. Ghost says:

    Pretty easy easy to figure out huh Tracy? The answer is disingenuous.
    Why don’t the both of just put her personal data out there for all to see?

    Why would anyone want to email you?
    What is that you have to say that is important to anyone?

    And talk about ridiculous comments N – they don’t call you the bimbo blogger for nothing.

  5. t-traveler says:

    great job Nicole

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