What I Learned from Blogs This Week

Administrative Stuff

I’ve put up a few items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for next week.  There’s no City Council meeting because of the special election, but there will be a School Committee meeting (that I assume Tracy will cover).

I just started my scorecard of important Council votes (in pdf; I’ll make it a little prettier as time goes on), and I welcome any thoughts about what might constitute ‘important’ votes.  Maybe I’ll do it for School Committee too; let me know if you have any thoughts on it.

I am also open to people sending me links for “What I Learned from Blogs This Week.”  I tend to collect news-ish items during the week, but please let me know if I’ve missed anything of note.

What I Learned This Week

CVS is coming to yet another block near you.  Also, Panera on Gold Star.

Three of us attended the City Council Meeting.  (Can anyone say Montvale?)

Sean livechatted with DPW and got an answer, and also got a No Parking sign installed on his street.

Jeff commemorated the one-year anniversary of RedactionGate and points us to a wonderful RSS-less blog by Dave Goldberg.

Tracy blogged about the PQA review, five things you didn’t know about the School Committee, and gym class.

Remember to vote next week.  Or not.

Photos: Lady Liberty, Big E, Big Iced Coffee in the middle of winter.

PS — In the “InCity Times time warp” category for the week, the piece on the Energy Barn-raising features multiple tenses: “Last month more than 100 people attended”…”there is quite a mix of people from all walks of life participating in both the planning and the workday.”  (I know, it’s relatively nitpicky, but the time vortex that is ICT is reason enough for me to ask my peeps: isn’t the new Doctor Who logo better than the old one?  It’s kind of growing on me!)

3 thoughts on “What I Learned from Blogs This Week

  1. Joe says:

    Nothing beats the TBaker-era Daimond logo- unless, perhaps, the logo for the 1996 Paul McGann movie.

    That one had the right mix of old and new.
    Rumor has it the new DW titles will have a headshot of Matt Smith incorporated….

  2. Lee says:

    Hi –
    Thanks for the photo link!
    – Lee

  3. Tracy says:

    Yes, I’ll do School Committee. The agenda isn’t up yet online.
    And I think it’s great that there were three bloggers at last week’s City Council meeting!

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