Canal District à la Rose

First of all, can we file this quote in Rose’s latest post under “Pot, Meet Kettle”:

I love Lorraine, but she can have a big mouth

Now…onto the real business.

I went to the DOT hearing on the proposed streetscape improvements to the Canal District last month.  I liveblogged it and summarized it.  (Also, at last night’s City Council meeting, Phil Palmieri mentioned that he and other councilors had had a meeting that day with those in charge of the project, so we can assume that the Councilors are somewhat in the loop, despite the hearing occurring on a Council night.)

Perhaps there’s a secret cabal that meets at Allen Fletcher’s house to hold seances to summon the spirits of Heidi’s Hippie Hideaway.  Perhaps he is a completely unreasonable person who pushes non-yuppies around every chance he can get in the hopes of having a waterway for his canoe.  Perhaps he wants to turn Green Island into his Own Private Montvale.  I can’t comment on those accusations.

I will say, though, that if Fletcher were in charge, the original design would have included lights on a more human (less highway) scale.  He mentioned this at the hearing.  If he’d met with them beforehand, and he were running the show, why wouldn’t that have been included so that he could compliment them on their foresight?

Despite conflicting with the Council meeting, the hearing was well-announced, well-attended, and open to the public.  I didn’t see Rosalie Tirella there, nor did either of the two neighborhood activists she mentioned get up to speak.  If you care so much about what happens in this neighborhood and if you call yourself a journalist, why exactly didn’t you show your face at the hearing, Rose?

One thought on “Canal District à la Rose

  1. Sean says:

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant!

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