What I Learned From Blogs This Week

I’ve put up a couple of items on the Virtual Assignment Desk for the coming weeks.  I am going to the Council meeting, but won’t be able to make the inauguration.  I’m also thinking of keeping a scorecard of important Council votes for the next couple of years that could be spun into a voting guide, so I welcome any thoughts about what might constitute ‘important’ votes. 

Tracy reminds us to contact School Committee members with our thoughts on the state’s RTTT MOU.

Dee Wells posted some thoughts from Virginia Ryan on Worcester retirees’ increased Medicare costs.

Bill discusses more rumors of Best Buy’s impending move here and here, with Sam’s Club thrown in for good measure.  (Also, Worcester compared to the usual suspects here and here.)  More rumors about the former ShBooms site from Paulie.

Jeff on Pharmasphere; you can get more analysis from him for free than you can from the Telegram for a dollar.

Sean is going to begin regularly analyzing Robert Z. Nemeth’s columns; if he succeeds in convincing Rose to use spell check, however, I’m not going to have anything left to talk about!

 Daily Worcesteria (Jeremy) updated his pictures of North Lake Ave to show where it’s wearing away.

Cumberland Farms has an updated logo.

I would love to see more people blogging, especially about topics and events that the news media doesn’t cover.  (Yes, Emily, I’m talking to you!)  So, if you’re on the fence about whether to start a blog, consider taking an event from the Virtual Assignment Desk (or something from this wonderful list) and writing about it.  Be sure to contact Jeff so that you can be included in the Worcester Blogroll.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned From Blogs This Week

  1. Emily says:

    Ha ha ha! I’m working on a big volunteer project right now, but after that I’ll consider it. Happy New Year, Nicole!

  2. Eduard Rizzo says:

    Wonderful list? Bill Randell is the last person in Worcester to know what’s going on. If he posts something, then its something he found on the T&G’s website. The fact is, all the bloggers you reference are in the dark. Just stick to reading the T&G daily for the news, not rumors.

  3. Tracy says:

    Aww, Nicole, you can’t come? More people should come to the inauguration!
    (I don’t say that just because I’m among those being inaugurated this time, either!)

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