Committee Agendas redux

So I took Tracy’s advice and emailed the City of Worcester webmaster.

He recommends clicking on the City Council Agendas link from the Stay Informed menu on the right part of the page.  That will cut out one click in the path to get the agendas.

He also let me know that the calendar feature allows them to attach a .pdf (like the Inauguration information) but not to link to .htm (which is the format of the agendas).  This is a bummer; I really like that the agenda is in .htm format, mostly because it’s easier for me to view it on our Mac at home, which hiccups whenever it tries to open a .pdf from our (very beta) browser.

2 thoughts on “Committee Agendas redux

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m just glad he got right back to you. And I should have said that about the agendas; it’s how I’ve been getting there since they changed the site.

    • Nicole says:

      If I see her again (and I likely will, at the next council meeting), I’ll show her how to get there. She’s not a blog reader (of mine or anyone else’s)…

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