The Power of Wishful Thinking

I agree completely with Jeff regarding the PharmaSphere situation.

I don’t know when “If You Wish It, It Will Come” became the mantra of the City Manager’s Office, but this reminds me of one of my most unfavorite Dianne Williamson columns of all time (September 19, 2006), in which Dianne extolls the wonders of Tim Murray:

Not one for grandstanding, he often operates under the radar, but his fingerprints are stamped on Worcester’s most important initiatives: CitySquare, the promotion of commuter rail, the successful partnership between the City Council and City Manager Michael O’Brien.

More than three years ago, Tim Murray was getting a big “mission accomplished” on CitySquare, credit for “promoting” the commuter rail (note that Dianne couldn’t lie and say that more trains were running, or that the service was more reliable), and a wonderful relationship between the City Council and the City Manager.

A wonderful, non-combative relationship between the Council and City Manager has gotten us to the point we’re at now: CitySquare is still just around the corner, three years from the writing of the column quoted above; the City Manager continues to receive high marks in his review despite the people of Worcester not having the right to know about what Officer Mark Rojas may or may not be accused of; the City has invested $2.5 million (not to mention $2m in road improvements, and selling a building for $1) in a project that may generate 40-50 new jobs, 51% of which are supposed to go to Worcester residents.  At least the train schedule is a bit better!

So, let’s talk job creation.  The City of Worcester has paid $2.5 million (excluding loss on the building, road improvements, and any money from the feds or the state) for 50 jobs (I’ll be generous) that have not yet materialized.  That’s $50,000 per job. 

But wait!  Only 51% of those 50 jobs need to go to Worcester residents.  So, for 25.5 jobs that may or may not ever come to fruition, we have paid approximately $98,000.  That’s not counting road improvements, and that’s not counting federal and state dollars.

Anyone want to go in on creating Pyramid Investments?  Or at least starting a countdown to Spring 2011, when PharmaSphere will be “selling product“?  (Does anyone else think their whole business sounds and looks like Logan’s RunCarousel!)

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