The print media’s Montvale coverage

Because my blog is sometimes nothing more than an ode to Jeff Barnard (also, because I’ve been working on a letter to the City Councilors about Montvale and figured I may as well share my research with someone who cares), here’s the T&G and WoMag complement to his summary of Montvale blog coverage:

December 3, 1991 — T&G — Montvale activism before the historic district, “Park Avenue groups oppose new zoning”

March 24, 1993 — T&G — preliminary approval for establishment of Montvale Historic District, “Council attacks pothole scourge

April 30, 1993 — T&G — “Preservation Worcester gives out annual awards to four city projects” (including Montvale; how times have changed…)

September 29, 1996 — T&G — the advent of the no-right-turn signs onto Sagamore on the evening commute, “Traffic problems get neighbors’ blood racing

December 16, 1996 — T&G — “More than 400 tour historic city houses

March 22, 2002 — T&G — “Plan for new home in Montvale rejected

December 6, 2004 — T&G — “Holiday history; Visitors stroll through city’s landmark homes

October 19, 2007 — T&G — “Earful of anger for AAS“; first mention of the “old cork tennis court”

October 24, 2007 — T&G — brief mention in “Historic building sits amid Water Street work

March 13, 2008 — T&G — “Expansion proposed for historical district; Montvale residents, AAS clash over plan“; article includes:

Robert E. Longden, a lawyer representing the American Antiquarian Society, said only those buildings, structures or sites that have architectural or historical significance are supposed to be included within local historical districts. He contends the tennis court lot does not meet the necessary criteria because it was not part of the setting of either the Daniels House or Lyell house when they were constructed.

The heirs to the Lyell property also have said no mistake was made in leaving the tennis court property out of the historical district because no effort was ever made to originally include it within the district.

March 17, 2008 — T&G — “Move is afoot to enlarge two historic districts

March 18, 2008 — T&G — “Beware attack of the 6-foot history fiends“, Dianne Williamson’s first column on the issue

March 25, 2008 — T&G –“Snob zoning has no place in America“, Dianne Williamson’s second column on the issue

March 25, 2008 — T&G — “Montvale proposal on hold; Councilors to visit historic district“; money quote from Mr. Crowley (cue Ozzy Osbourne, please):

“People in the neighborhood are committed to the concept of a historic district,” Mr. Crowley said. “If the district is not protected, the people could lose their commitment to it. (The historic district) has been a good thing for our neighborhood and for the city.”

March 26, 2008 — T&G editorial, “Not so fast; Committee was right to block historic district ‘end run’

March 31, 2008 — T&G — op-ed by Crowley, “AAS should be subject to same scrutiny as others

April 3, 2008 — WoMag editorial — “West side story

April 16, 2008 — T&G — “Dispute finds middle ground; Historic district, AAS compromise

April 19, 2008 — T&G editorial, “Welcome agreement; Compromise defuses Montvale Road dispute”

July 25, 2008 — T&G — “Antiquarian society’s plans are approved

end of 2008 — WoMag — “Best of 2008“, under “Most unlikely NIMBY protest” (note to the editorial staff at Worcester Magazine: if Jeff Barnard does not get “Best non-Worcester Magazine blog” this year, I’m going to pour two litres of Diet Moxie down Jeremy Shulkin’s throat the next time I see him.)

October 25, 2009 — T&G — “Tennis court brouhaha is at love-love“, Dianne Williamson’s third column on the issue

December 3, 2009 – WoMag Worcesteria column

December 16, 2009 – WoMag, “The people’s court

December 20, 2009 — T&G — “No love lost over this tennis court“, Dianne Williamson’s fourth column on the issue

December 24, 2009 — T&G — “Homeowners hit tennis court vote; Historic-district conflict may escalate

2 thoughts on “The print media’s Montvale coverage

  1. Jeff Barnard says:

    Now I gotta go out and get all new hats, since my hat size just went up…

    This is a nice compendium, too! I’ll have to link it when I post about this thing again.

  2. Darlene says:

    So what’s the point of this rant?
    Do you think that anything you or anyone else says about this matter will influence any decision on what happens? It’s in the hands of lawyers… they’re a lot more savvy in such matters than any mis-informed and know-it-all blogger.
    You and everyone else have to get over it. There’s more important things to worry about. Right?

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