One Montvale: Ugh!

I was able to go to the Economic Development Committee meeting last night, but was unable to stay for the full Council meeting.

At the committee meeting, I got the impression that Palmieri was irritated that the couple (Todd and Tibrewal) hadn’t accepted any of the proposals by the Montvalians.  You know what?  They shouldn’t have to make concessions to bullies.

Well, Merry Christmas, Montvale.  This is the point where I actually start calling City Councilors in anger.  Not because I think it will make a difference, but because it’s the right thing to do.

In related Telegram-not-covering-anything-well news, the challengers that may or may not have sparked the charter change were not mentioned by name in this article.  Casello’s presence didn’t rate a sentence, and Frank Raffa was referred to as a “candidate who received 185 write-in votes by announcing his District 2 candidacy the day before the election in November.”  Perhaps Lee Hammel took Eddy’s comment that “If no one official runs against an incumbent it’s not the incumbent’s fault” (7.57 mark) to mean that no challengers should be mentioned by name.

(For those of you who don’t pick up the In City Times hot off the presses, Cheez Wiz, Rose’s new columnist/replacement for Jack Hoffman, referred to Raffa as both “Ruffo” and “Rufo.”  Who thought a five-letter name was so easy to mangle?  Or ignore entirely, as in the case of the Telegram.)

In other news, Phil Palmieri is now the District 3 councilor (see last paragraph) — sorry, Clancy!