Interview with Katherine Howard, President, Newton Tree Conservancy

I spoke with Katherine Howard, president of the Newton Tree Conservancy, about her group’s efforts to plant trees in the City of Newton.

Why was your group founded?
We (the Garden City) spend hardly anything on trees, hardly anything to qualify for Tree City USA.  Newton’s tree budget has remained constant for 30 years.
Marc Welch
, our tree warden, did a history of tree forestry in Newton.  Newton used to have 50 people in department.  They planted tons of trees, and the last big wave of tree planting was in the 1960s.  Most of the trees planted were Norway maples, and now they are dying and are being taken out at the rate of 400 a year.  Now, the entire city tree budget is on removals.  We are down to two staff people, and the rest of the budget is to pay contractors to remove trees and do pruning. Continue reading